Graduate Outlook Survey

The Graduate Outlook Survey (GOS) is undertaken annually by Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) as a detailed investigation into graduate recruitment practices and trends in Australia and New Zealand. It investigates graduate intake numbers, recruiters’ perceptions of the calibre of their candidates, and the attributes which they considered most and least desirable in regard to their applicant pool. Current graduate recruitment practices are also examined in detail, including promotional techniques, recruitment through additional channels such as undergraduate programs and employee referrals, and the recruitment of international graduates.

Since the first GOS was run in 2005, participation in the survey has increased nearly sixfold, highlighting the key position this annual survey holds in the graduate recruitment sphere in Australia and New Zealand. This sizable increase in participation may also reflect the interest many employers have regarding the state of graduate recruitment in an economy which in recent times has been subject to a worldwide economic downturn and a very cautious recovery.

Who is it of interest to?

As a survey of practices and trends in graduate recruitment, findings from the GOS are of great interest to businesses and organisations that employ new graduates. Graduates and soon-to-be graduates can use the findings from the GOS to identify what prospective employers are looking for—and what they do not want to see—in their graduate job applicants. Similarly, these findings can assist careers advisors in providing robust advice and guidance to those graduates who are about to take on the often-daunting task of entering the workforce for the first time.

Where can I see the latest findings?

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2014 Graduate Outlook Report | Tables & Figures 


2013 Graduate Outlook Report

GOS 2013 Industry Specific Summary Reports for Employers

2013 Accounting and Finance |  2013 Construction, Mining and Engineering | 2013 Communication, Technology and Utilities | 2013 Government, Defence and Health | 2013 Legal and Professional Services


2012 Graduate Outlook Report | 2012 Graduate Outlook Survey | Tables & Figures | Survey Methodology | Instruments

GOS 2012 Industry Specific Summary Reports for Employers

2012 Accounting and Finance |  2012 Construction, Mining and Engineering | 2012 Communication, Technology and Utilities | 2012 Government, Defence and Health | 2012 Legal and Professional Services | 2012 Manufacturing


Graduate Outlook Report 2011 | Tables & Figures | Survey Methodology | Instruments

GOS 2011 Industry Specific Summary Reports for Employers
Accounting & Finance | Construction, Mining and Engineering |
Communication, Technology and Utilities2011 GOS LPS Industry Report | Manufacturing


To enquire about the results of this survey, or to obtain copies of earlier reports, contact the Research Team at GCA on +61 3 9605 3700, or email