What is CEQuery?

CEQuery is a tool for analysis of qualitative Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) data, which are collected in the form of comments. CEQuery was developed to collate and analyse the open-ended course evaluation questions included in the CEQ, but it can also be used to analyse practically any student evaluation survey which includes two discrete fields for positive and negative written comments.

How does it work?

Graduates’ text comments are scanned and classified based on a set of themes and sub-themes based on an in-built search dictionary. These comments can then be investigated through a variety of charts and descriptive statistics, and can be extracted to allow for rich qualitative analysis.

CEQuery is a flexible tool. Users can undertake a wide range of customised analyses using any of the classifying variables collected through the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) (e.g., field of study, study mode, level of award, attendance type). Users can also develop their own custom search dictionaries, allowing them to conduct even more targeted analyses of graduate feedback data.

Who can use CEQuery?

CEQuery software is provided free of charge to approved higher education institutions. The development of CEQuery was funded by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR), and the software is currently supported by Graduate Careers Australia (GCA).

How can I get CEQuery?

For more information,contact the GCA research team on +61 3 9605 3700 or research@graduatecareers.edu.au.