Psychology concerns the study of human behaviour, as well as the factors that may influence human behaviour.

Professional psychologists use scientifically-established processes to help investigate a range of personal and social issues. Despite popular misconceptions, not all psychologists are directly concerned with personal problems. Many work in positions where they:

  • create social change to improve or prevent human problems
  • undertake assessment, intervention and counselling for learning and developmental issues in people of all ages
  • work with the law, police services and in correctional services
  • study accident prevention
  • assist people involved in sport and exercise to maximise their performance and participation
  • design educational material
  • promote healthy behaviours and the prevention and treatment of illness
  • research how people function in different environments and situations
  • assist clients to live happier, healthier lives
  • design and implement recruitment and selection strategies
  • examine work, human resource management, training and development and market research and advertising
  • conduct research and teach in universities
  • diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of mental health and general health issues
  • assess, diagnose and manage individuals with brain impairment
  • assist people to achieve goals in areas such as welfare and community projects
  • counsel people to assist with issues such as personal wellbeing, relationships, work, health and crisis management.

Psychology is a very popular discipline in Australian universities. While many psychology students go on to become registered psychologists, others use it as a stepping stone to different occupations or to broaden their knowledge and understanding of human behaviour.

Psychology may be studied as a dedicated degree program (Bachelor of Psychology) or as a major sequence within a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Social Science degree, or may be included in degrees as diverse as Education, Business or Health Science.

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