In Where Grads Go, we provide figures for 25 broad fields of education. The following list shows the specific study areas within each of these broad fields.



  • Biological sciences

 Other sciences

  • Physics and astronomy
  • Chemical sciences
  • Earth sciences
  • Other natural and physical sciences


  • Mathematical sciences

 Information technology

  • Computer science
  • Information systems
  • Other information technology


  • Manufacturing engineering and technology
  • Process and resources engineering
  • Automotive engineering and technology
  • Mechanical and industrial engineering and technology
  • Civil engineering
  • Geomatic engineering
  • Electrical and electronic engineering and technology
  • Aerospace engineering and technology
  • Maritime engineering and technology
  • Other engineering and related technologies

 Architecture and building

  • Architecture and urban environment
  • Building

 Agriculture and environment

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture and viticulture
  • Forestry studies
  • Fisheries studies
  • Environmental studies
  • Other agriculture, environmental and related studies


  • Medical studies


  • Nursing

 Rehabilitation therapies

  • Rehabilitation therapies

 Other health

  • Pharmacy
  • Dental studies
  • Optical science
  • Veterinary studies
  • Public health
  • Radiography
  • Complementary therapies
  • Other health


  • Teacher education
  • Curriculum and education studies
  • Other education


  • Accounting

 Banking and finance

  • Banking, finance and related fields

 Business and management

  • Business and management
  • Tourism
  • Office studies
  • Food and hospitality
  • Personal services
  • Other management and commerce

 Sales and marketing

  • Sales and marketing

 Language and literature

  • Language and literature

 Psychology and behavioural sciences

  • Behavioural science

 Studies in human society

  • Studies in human society

 Social work and human welfare

  • Human welfare studies and services

 Law and justice studies

  • Law
  • Justice and law enforcement


  • Economics and econometrics

 Other humanities

  • Political science and policy studies
  • Librarianship, information management and curatorial studies
  • Philosophy and religious studies
  • Sport and recreation
  • Other society and culture

 Visual and performing arts

  • Performing arts
  • Visual arts and crafts
  • Graphic and design studies
  • Other creative arts

 Communication and media

  • Communication and media studies