To teach (according to the thesaurus) implies educating, tutoring, lecturing, instructing, edifying, coaching and training. At its essence, teaching is about understanding the needs and circumstances of the learner (or audience) and designing a relevant program of instruction that will connect with their context. At every stage during their career, teachers can make a significant impact on the growth and development of individuals in our society as they interact with individuals – in their early childhood, in the pre-teen years, through adolescence and throughout the adult years.

Modern-day teachers are motivators, managers, communicators, leaders, facilitators, negotiators, creators and mentors. It is for this reason that teachers can enjoy many other worthwhile career paths during their working lives.

Teaching in the 21st century combines all of the above, with a heavy mix of societal and technological developments (with less reliance on traditional teaching or lecturing formats) with student-centred and collaborative learning being the dominant mode.

Teachers have an important role in contributing to our future, as young people are supported to become lifelong learners and take their place as valuable members of society.

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