Toorak College Melbourne – Imparting Quality Education For a Better a Prosperous Future

Toorak College is an institution that is situated in the picturesque Morning peninsula of Melbourne. The institution is known to possess state of the art facilities and therefore is the ideal environment for learning of your kid. This college is ancient and has over 145 years of historical heritage. It has synchronized over the years to impart high-quality education to future generation students.  

Toorak College Melbourne is a Coed College


The Toorak College Melbourne is an independent school and it imparts education to students up to standard 12. The college has boarding facilities. It is a coed from early learning up to standard 4 and after that, the college takes a girls-only approach up to standard 12. The school is dedicated to the holistic development of all its students. It nurtures as well as supports the interests of its students. It empowers its students through personal and academic growth so that the students can excel in their careers.


The College Focuses on Extracurricular Activities


The college is known to have small class size, it has innovative teaching programs, the teaching staff associated with the college is known to impart quality teaching to the students. The state of the art infrastructure of the college allows the students to become successful in the career they choose. The college is known for its extracurricular activities in leadership, music, sports, dance, drama, arts, and more.

College Website Highlights the Academic Curriculum


The Toorak College Melbourne maintains a website that highlights its curriculum, its approach towards its students. It focuses on early learning. The early learning center of the school welcomes both boys and girls to participate in an academic curriculum. The junior school is the place where the kids learn through play, exploration, and discovery. The kids of the junior school remain exposed to many different extracurricular activities. The all-girls senior school equips its students with skills and the knowledge to become successful in the future.

To know fast-facts about the school take a visit to the school’s website available online.