Marketing Yourself

Marketing is a huge part of selling a product successfully. The same goes for selling yourself. Landing a job is about convincing an employer of the value of your skills and qualities. To do this you need a strategic and personalised marketing plan that throws the spotlight on your employability.

You need to become a walking, talking advertisement for yourself!

Presentation is a big part of your marketing. Remember, first impressions count. Maintain your professionalism in unfamiliar environments by:

  • addressing people you meet in a courteous, professional manner – they could turn into a potential employer or helpful contact
  • using a friendly, professional greeting on the phone and on your voicemail – an unknown caller could be a potential employer
  • avoid the trap of casual correspondence. Web-based communication is now the major means of business interaction so you should maintain a professional and formal style in emails. Use correct spelling and grammar, even if a potential employer does not. This could distinguish you from the pack
  • using a professional email address
  • being aware that information you post online may be accessible to potential employers and used to judge your candidacy.Research indicates up to 45 per cent of employers research candidates online through sites such as Facebook during the application process
  • proofreading all documents you send to employers – they are all a test of your communication skills.

(Adapted from an article by Lee Miles (MilesLeeAustralia), a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA), which first appeared in Graduate Opportunities 2009.