Graduate Destinations

The annual Graduate Destinations report first presents summary graduate outcomes data for all levels of award (from bachelor degree to doctorate), and then presents a detailed examination of the outcomes of Australian resident bachelor degree graduates. The outcomes data presented in this report focus on employment status, further study status, job search methods and broad type of work, and are typically broken down based on graduates’ field of education.

The Graduate Destinations report is released in two sections. The first section is a summary report that examines the key outcomes for our target group of graduates. The second section contains the tables and figures from both the summary report and from the original series of reports released up until 2009. Both are available for free download below.

Graduate Destinations Report 2015 [Supplementary Tables & Figures]

Graduate Destinations Report 2014 [Supplementary Tables & Figures] [Supplementary Tables A & B (detailed Maj1)]

Graduate Destinations Report 2013 [Supplementary Tables & Figures]

Graduate Destinations Report 2012 [Supplementary Tables & Figures]

Graduate Destinations Report 2011 [Supplementary Tables & Figures]

Graduate Destinations Report 2010 [Supplementary Tables & Figures]

Graduate Destinations Report 2009

Throughout the report, we refer to an expanded AGS methodology document and a series of explanatory notes that elaborate on a number of topics discussed in the report. These documents can be found below:

2010 AGS Methodology