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As Australia’s leading authority on graduate employment issues, Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) produces a wide range of publications and other information related to the experiences, outcomes and earnings of higher education graduates, as well as information relating to the current state of the graduate labour market in Australia. All of this valuable information can be accessed through our website, with the majority available completely free of charge.

To begin exploring this information, you can:

  • download a free copy of GradFiles, our popular guide for secondary school students who are considering going on to higher education
  • download a free copy of GradStats, a detailed summary of the destinations of recent Australian bachelor degree graduates.

You can also select from the topics below to find specific information in our detailed research reports:

Work and study outcomes

The research in this section examines what graduates are doing after the completion of their higher education, such as working, studying or doing something else altogether. More …

Salary and remuneration

The research in this section investigates graduate’ salaries and non-cash benefits, including the factors that cause some graduates to be paid more than others. More …

Course experience ratings

The research in this section examines graduates’ ratings of their higher education experience. More …

Graduate labour market

The research in this section examines practices and trends in the graduate labour market from the point of view of graduate employers and recruiters. More …