Graduate Research Program

In 2016 GCA established a Graduate Research Program to carry out directed research projects in the areas of graduate employability, career development and future work. A Research Committee was formed and applications called for research projects from all Australian universities and other research institutes. Over $750,000 was subsequently allocated and disbursed to thirteen research teams.

This group of projects have been undertaken by several university researchers in collaboration with their colleagues in the career services and has a graduate employability and employment focus.

Employability Program Research Projects

University of Tasmania (UTAS): A targeted and evaluation model to enable career services in higher education to assess the impact of individual careers education programs on graduate employability outcomes:

Assessing Individual Careers Employability Programs 

University of Technology, Sydney (UTS): An extensible rubric of employability related skills and associated learning activities that can be followed by any university student to build, track and develop their employability skills:


University of Wollongong (UoW): This project explores trends emerging in the intersecting domains of employability, work integrated learning, and career development learning in Australia and internationally:

Employability in a Global Context: Learnings for Australian practice

Monash University: This project investigates the labour supply considerations around teaching employment with a focus on recent graduates, and aims to deliver insights for graduate teacher workforce management and the education sector as a whole:

Graduate Teacher Labour Supply Considerations

University of Southern Queensland (USQ): This project produced the Australian Graduate Employability Scale (A-GRADES) which can be used by students, career practitioners and researchers. Student who complete the A-GRADES questionnaire receive a personalised report on their employability skills:


National Institute of Labour Studies, Flinders University (NILS): This project compares labour market outcomes of overseas students with those of domestic students:

Beyond graduation: how important is that first job?

Do STEM graduates command a premium?

How are new overseas graduates faring in the labour market?