Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

There is no doubt that corporate responsibility and sustainability are still in their infancy in Australia. However, the move towards carbon neutrality, creation of ethically sound products, the desire to increase competitive advantage, protect and raise brand awareness and build trust among customers and employees are leading to the creation of many new careers in corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Local, state and federal governments are also expanding and offering careers in social and environmental management, volunteering and community engagement.

There are a variety of non-government organisations (NGOs), industry associations, think tanks and academic institutions engaging in learning and/or advocacy within this arena, with many not-for-profits developing careers in fundraising, volunteer management and community partnerships to meet demand from business and the philanthropic sector.

This is an exciting time in the world of work and careers. Just as ethical concerns have gained significance in responsible business practice, so too has the inclusion of ethical considerations in graduates’ career choices.

University careers service practitioners around the country are becoming increasingly aware of a set of broader, more externally focused values acting in students’ career decision making: corporate (or organisational) responsibility.

Graduates are keen to pursue what they perceive to be meaningful careers with employers of choice that offer such things as work-life integration; genuine career opportunities for women; integrated corporate responsibility practices (including consideration of environmental and social impacts) and an alignment of the individual’s values with the employer organisation (or at least an opportunity to contribute to the discussion of these).

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