Background Research

Job searching – be prepared

Too often job seekers think ‘background research’ means some internet surfing the night before an interview, but there is much more to it. Doing your homework is an essential part of effective job hunting.

Information gathering

Background research is about gathering the latest facts and figures related to your future career. Being equipped with valuable information will improve your application, interview performance and career choices.


You should research:

  • recent industry history and future direction
  • major industry players and how they compare
  • recruitment details of potential employers (e.g. how many graduates they hire, how they recruit, etc.)
  • graduate job market growth areas
  • industry leaders and people you could contact for advice and mentoring
  • industry or professional events and conferences
  • career path options.


Part of the research process is finding the right information resources. Common sources include:

  • Graduate Careers Australia website
  • Graduate Opportunities website
  • university careers services
  • internet job sites and search engines
  • newspapers (many have pages devoted to specific industries or sectors on particular days of the week)
  • reputable industry journals and magazines
  • university departments, faculties and alumni offices
  • professional associations and industry bodies
  • your personal network
  • informational interviews.

Up-to-date knowledge about your industry and profession is empowering. You will network better, work better and know about what opportunities that exist and which ones to seize. If you do your homework, you’ll have an edge in the competitive job market.

Further Resources

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