Data return and processing

Admin forms: Below are the most up to date versions of all data return and processing forms and documents.

Data return indication form: This form is filled out and submitted to GCA to advise of how you will be submitting your data to GCA and any data processing requirements (e.g. whether you are returning a completed data file or uncoded forms for processing). If processing with GCA, indicate which information on the form you require to be entered (other than the mandatory data).

AGS 2012 Data Return Indication

Packing slip: When submitting data to GCA, this form needs to be filled out and submitted with each file or ‘consignment’ of questionnaires.

AGS 2012 Packing Slip

Method assurance: This form should be completed and returned when all data or forms are submitted to GCA.

AGS 2012 method assurance

Code lists and coding aids

Excel spreadsheet containing data file dictionary, code frames and some coding aides

AGS 2012 - Variables - Apr 2012 010412

Colour-coded processing guide to the form. Useful for coding and data entry:

AGS 2012 coding and data entry aids

Employer name dictionary - specific employer name examples and the recommended code:

Employer name dictionary

Generic instructions for coders (adapted from GCA’s internal training notes for coders):

Instructions for coders

Overview of data processing at GCA:

Overview of AGS data processing at GCA