Australian Graduate Survey FAQ

Australian Graduate Survey FAQ


Why is the Australian Graduate Survey conducted?

The Australian Graduate Survey is a national survey conducted by over 45 higher education institutions in Australia.

The purpose of the survey is to:

  • · improve students course experience
  • · understand employment outcomes to assist career advisers and students make informed career and study decisions
  • · understand further study needs
  • · assist employers to develop recruitment policies and programs
  • · assist higher education institutions in their strategic planning


Who conducts the survey?

The survey is designed and co-ordinated by Graduate Careers Australia (GCA). GCA is a peak body with representatives from universities and government, as well as graduate recruiters. Higher education institutions work with GCA to conduct the survey each year of all students who completed the requirements for a higher education qualification during that year.


Are my answers confidential?

Yes, all your answers will remain confidential and will not be used for any other purpose. GCA abide by strict Privacy legislation and the data is aggregated into grouped responses so that no individual can be identified.


Is there an incentive?

Some institutions do offer an incentive to complete the survey.


What happens if I do not complete the survey?

Your responses are important to us and we want to hear about all course experiences, positive and negative. As well as your original invitation to complete the survey, you may receive reminders in hardcopy, email or via the telephone. You can ask to be removed from all contact and follow-up lists at any time.


Does this survey apply to me if I am an Honours or postgrad student?

Yes, we are interested in learning more about your recently completed degree or diploma and you will have been sent a copy of the Australian Graduate Survey even if you are continuing as an Honours student, or if you are completing postgraduate work.


Who can I speak to about the survey?

Should you have any queries about the survey please contact Graduate Careers Australia at [email protected] or on (03) 9605 3700. Alternatively, you can contact your institution for more information.


Where can I find previous survey results?

If you are interested in the results of previous surveys and information about graduate employment,

visit the Graduate Careers web site,

Thank you for your participation.