2012 Australian Graduate Survey

The 2012 AGS refers to the October 2011 and April 2012 survey rounds.

The 2012 AGS Manual and associated materials (downloadable below) were released on 4 April 2012. The 2012 AGS Manual includes details of changes effective for 2012.

Substantive changes to the Manual from the previous version are highlighted in red text. Please take particular note of the information regarding pre- and post-population of the AGS instruments and the collection of CEQ and PREQ data via telephone.

In the advance round population summary file (AGS 2012 - Advance Round Population Summary - Apr 2012 - 010412) survey managers are asked to submit a summary of their AGS population for the April 2012 round of the 2012 AGS. This summary need only be a tabulation of aggregated level of award by ASCED Broad Field of Education (see SAMPLE TABLE and Advance population summary worksheets).

Survey managers are asked to have this form submitted by the reference date for the relevant AGS round (30 April 2012 in this instance). The summary information supplied can be modified after 30 April, but institutions will be asked to explain the reasons for any changes made after that date. Variations between the numbers submitted now and final numbers are expected and GCA will ask institutions to confirm or update these figures when final AGS responses are submitted.

The pre-survey operations checklist (AGS 2012 - Pre-Survey Operations Checklist - Apr 2012 010412, also referred to as the ‘Pre-SOC’) is intended to be used by survey managers as a guide for the planning, fieldwork and processing phases of the 2011 AGS. It’s recommended that this document be reviewed and completed, though there is no requirement that survey managers return the file to GCA.

Some of the information we suggest you record in the Pre-SOC will be requested as part of the Post-SOC, which will need to be completed and returned to GCA at the conclusion of the AGS.

We feel that one of the major uses of the Pre-SOC is that it encourages institutions to develop a record of their activities during the conduct of the AGS, which will be useful in planning future AGS work. It will also be invaluable when the management of the AGS needs to be handed to a new survey manager. GCA will use the information from the Post-SOC to build a model of AGS best practice for use by the sector.

The Manual and related documents include:

More details about changes around pre- and post-population, telephone instruments and information about incentives can be found here under Instruments & contact materials.