AGS Data Files

There are a number of data files relating to the AGS that can be accessed by institutional Survey Managers using the below links which are password protected.

For Survey Managers to gain access to the below passwords please email [email protected]

Tables A-J, CEQ Tables and Response rates all include historical data files pertaining to each.

Tables A – J: Click here.

CEQ Tables: Click here.

Good Universities Guide: Click here

Response Rates: Click here.

TEQSA files 2007-2011: Click here.

TEQSA files 2012: Click here.

TEQSA files 2012 (UA Institutions only): Click here.

To download the 2012 national data file release agreement or Code of Practice click on the below link (not password protected).

National Data Files: Click here.

The AGS historical data file project has been an ongoing collation by GCA of AGS data files from 1972 onwards. The aim of the project is to develop one single data file that covers key variables across all years. At this stage a number of annual files from the 1970s and early 1980s have been cleaned and are awaiting final documentation before they become available on this website.  

Historical Data Files: Click here.

CEQ preparation syntax: Click here.