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Graduate Careers Australia Products

Graduate Careers Australia Services

Graduate Careers Australia Products

From the GCA shop  you can purchase items online by credit card. For other methods of payment, please print out the order form found at the bottom of this page. Remember that if you join GCA as a Professional, Corporate or Associate member you will be entitled to various GCA publications at a significantly reduced rate - for more information visit the Membership Section

GCA's range of products have been developed for students, graduates and careers staff, as well as providing important information about the graduate labour market in Australia and abroad.

The annual Research Survey Reports are derived from the data collected from the Graduate Destination Survey. The reports are as follows:

Graduate Destinations
Graduate Destinations is Australia’s official annual review of the activities of university graduates who have recently completed their qualification. Graduates are surveyed around four months after course completion and the report analyses their employment status, type of work gained and further study undertaken.
Price: $33.00

Graduate Salaries
Graduate Salaries is a popular GCA publication derived from the Graduate Destinations Survey. It contains a study of the earnings of new graduates (aged under 25) in their first full-time employment in Australia from 1977 onwards.
Price: $33.00

Postgraduate Destinations
This report is an extension of the Graduate Destination Survey which provides details of those graduating with Diplomas, Masters degrees, PhDs and other postgraduate qualifications.
Price: $33.00

Graduate Course Experience
The Graduate Course Experience is an annual survey about the attitudes of graduates towards their courses and the skills they acquired while undertaking tertiary education. Once again, universities throughout the country participate in the survey.
Price: $33.00

Postgraduate Research Experience
Australia’s most highly-qualified postgraduates are asked a similar range of questions to the Graduate Course Experience but with the focus on the research environment. The material is collected as part of the Graduate Destinations Survey.
Price: $33.00

Grads, Jobs and Dollars
Grads, Jobs and Dollars complements and extends the information presented in both the Graduate Destinations and Graduate Salaries reports. The format of this report provides detailed destination and employment data for bachelor degree graduates, which include employment outcomes, occupations, further study and salaries, in three sections; by specific Fields of Education, by state and territory and by institution that can be compared and contrasted.

A sample from each section of this new report from Graduate Careers Australia can be downloaded in PDF format from the links below.

Price: Section 1 $33.00,

          Section 2 $33.00

          Section 3 $44.00

          Complete Report $77.00

Career Education/Graduate Recruitment Publications
GCA also supplies a number of printed publications and videos, for students, Careers Service staff and graduate employers, including the following:

Career Information booklets
These booklets focus on a wide range of occupations, industries and fields. They are authoritative, straightforward and factual, and provide information about potential employment prospects.
Current titles available include:

  • All Graduates
  • Chartered Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Environment
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Minerals
  • Nursing & Midwifery
  • Psychology
  • Science
  • Teaching

Price $5.50* each

A Degree of Certainty
This publication outlines career options for postgraduate research students, and provides advice about the labour market, identifying career opportunities, + job search strategies, etc.
Price: $33.00

Your Career and You
This self-assessment guide for students and graduates and is one of GCA’s most popular products. Reflecting graduate employers’ contemporary work practices, it helps readers to consider their goals, values, attributes and skills as a basis for career exploration. This publication is not only of interest to final-year university students but it is also widely used by school career advisers for Year 11 and 12s.
Price: $5.50*

Graduate Opportunities
Graduate Opportunities (GO) is the official annual directory of graduate employers in Australia and New Zealand. It contains excellent editorial articles offering advice to students and a comprehensively indexed guide to employers. GO is endorsed by the AVCC and NAGCAS.
Price: $22.00

For more information about advertising opportunities in GO, please contact our Sales and Marketing Executive (GO) on (03) 8344 9335, or email GO Helpdesk .

Guide to Campus Recruiting
An invaluable pocket-book for all recruiters and careers advisers, the Guide contains full details of universities’ Careers Services contacts, facilities, termdates, email addresses and Fields of Education. It also lists thenumber of graduating students by discipline each year.
Price: $24.20*

Graduate Recruitment Handbook for Australia and New Zealand
This book has been developed by GCA to offer a step-by-step guide to good practice in graduate recruitment. The Handbook covers the recruitment process comprehensively, from the initial budgeting and planning stages, through applicant selection and interviews right up to job offers and induction, highlighting problem areas and how to avoid them along the way. Developed primarily for graduate recruiters, the Handbook also has great relevance to Careers Services.
Price: $49.50*

Graduate Grapevine
The GCA Newsletter, Graduate Grapevine, contains many interesting articles on current issues in graduate recruitment and career education in general. Issued four times per year and free of charge to GCA members

Career Education DVDs & Videos
GCA supplies a range of local and international DVDs and videos. These DVDs and videos cover a variety of topics from applications and interviews, to careers exploration and specific occupational areas. As with our books, both sponsorship and proposals for new titles are welcomed.

Current titles available include:

Selection Success in one (UK)
This DVD combines three of our most popular videos on one disc, including: Your Job's On-line (25 minutes); The Assessment Centre(27 minutes); and Why Ask Me That? (22 minutes). For full descriptions please see below.
Price: $130.00

Big Opportunities in small businesses Graduates in SMEs (UK)
This DVD explores how graduates and SMEs can benefit each other. There’s one program for graduates and one for employers.
Price: $110.00

EnviroPLUCK Environmental Careers
The EnviroPLUCK Environmental Careers DVD is a compilation of all eight episodes of the television program screened in 2004. It features studio and field interviews, career advice and more - the show was developed and produced by the Environmental Jobs Network Australia.
Price: $33.00

Your Job's On-line (UK)
Your Job’s On-line dispels the myths about applying for jobs online. It shows two major employers selecting graduates using only their electronic applications. The video shows selectors assessing the candidates’ performance, as well as the candidates’ reactions to those comments. (25 minutes)
Price: $88.00

Getting the Job: a Video for Job Seekers Who Speak English as a Second Language
This popular video has been prepared by the Language and Learning Unit at Queensland University of Technology, and is a useful tool for anyone preparing for an interview in English who does not speak it as a first language. The video depicts a graduate interview and the preparation preceding it, providing advice from professionals about issues such as research, networking, practicing key questions and personal presentation.
Price: $71.50

Essential Interview Skills
This title offers practical interview skills development for young people preparing for work. It features prominent business people sharing their tips on how to get that job. Provided by Infosentials. (30 minutes)
Price: $66.00

Out in Front with an Arts Degree
By the very nature of the degree, Arts graduates have unlimited career opportunities. This video has been produced by GCA to highlight to Arts students how the skills they are developing increase their marketability in the workforce. (24 minutes)
Price: $66.00

The Written Edge
Designed for students approaching the job hunting process, this Australian video provides valuable insights into preparing résumés, covering letters and application forms. (35 minutes)
Price: $66.00

The Assessment Centre (UK)
This video, developed in the United Kingdom, depicts a typical assessment centre operated by a major employer, and shows a group exercise, a presentation and an in-depth interview, with commentary provided. (27 minutes)
Price: $88.00

Why Ask Me That? (UK)
This title provides an insight into the performance of a young job candidate from the perspective of the employers who interview him. It covers such topics as making a good first impression, answering questions effectively and coping with increasing pressure. (22 minutes)
Price: $88.00

Can I Have a Few Minutes of Your Time? (UK)
Depicts how students and recent graduates can improve their networking skills to gain work experience and uncover the 'hidden' job market. (23 minutes)
Price: $88.00

Why Am I Here? (UK)
Demonstrates the value of developing skills such as communication, team-building, time management, problem-solving and flexibility. (20 minutes)
Price: $88.00

Looking Good on Paper (UK)
Shows two undergraduates developing written applications and also includes job research advice. (21 minutes)
Price: $88.00

Please note: Video discounts are available for UK videos: 2 videos or more = $77.00* each

Graduate Careers Australia Services

Graduate Careers Australia provides a range of services to the graduate employment community including:

Statistical Data Service
GCA can provide your organisation with a wide range of employment, salary and students’ 'course satisfaction' data from all Australian universities over any timescale from three to 33 years. This data may be tailored to meet your needs and competitive prices will be negotiated according to individual requirements. Contact us for further information.

Seminars and Conferences

GCA conducts specialised events for employers and careers advisers, and details of these appear on this website at www.graduatecareers.com.au>>News Room>>What’s On.

GCA conducts a one-day training program for graduate recruiters entitled Getting That Grad, which covers all aspects of establishing and running a successful graduate recruitment program. Details of session dates appear on this website – www.graduatecareers.com.au.

GCA holds a joint triennial conference with the Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE) and the National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (NAGCAS). The GCA team is also involved with a range of graduate recruitment-related events throughout the year and provides information about GCA support and services at Careers Fairs, student activities and conferences. Enquiries about joint promotions are welcome.

Consultancy and Lecture Service
Universities and employers can access professional expertise on topics ranging from the establishment or development of a Careers Service to enhancing graduate recruitment and training programs. Whether you are seeking a one-off lecture or a more in-depth exercise, we can provide assistance or advise you on the assistance you need. We also develop and manage projects regarding graduate development for institutions and private companies, either independently or in a joint venture. Enquiries are welcomed.

Mailing Service
GCA offers a physical mailing service to client groups through our Graduate Grapevine newsletter, distributed throughout each year. Promotional insertscan be mailed to our extensive database of employers, higher educationpractitioners and government departments. Call us for a competitiveprice; we have the most comprehensive database in this sector, please contact our Business Development Manager on (03) 8344 9360, or email GCA Helpdesk .

Download the complete Graduate Careers Australia brochure and order form below.