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Research Centre

New Website replacing the Research Centre

We are in the process of transferring all files from the Research Centre to the new START website. The START (Survey Training and Resources Tool) website is aimed primarily at AGS Survey Managers and currently has all files from the research centre except older national survey reports. To access files on the START website you will also need a login – you can sign up for this via the home page on the site.

START also has a wide number of other files and information related the AGS, and will soon have a working discussion forum. Click here to visit the website.



As well as producing the range of Graduate Careers Australia online and print products, each year GCA conducts the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) in conjunction with universities throughout Australia. Each university has a Survey Manager who is responsible for working with us on the administration of the survey.

Graduate Careers Australia's Research Centre has been designed for university Survey Managers to provide you with resources to assist in your role. This section includes news, key reference documents, reports and data relating to the entire suite of GCA reports:

  • Graduate Destinations
  • Graduate Salaries
  • Postgraduate Destinations
  • Graduate Course Experience
  • Postgraduate Research Experience 
  • Grads, Jobs and Dollars

If you are a university Survey Manager/Researcher, you should have been allocated a username and password which will allow you to log in at the top left-hand corner of this screen. You can then click on the sections in the left-hand column to view the available content.

If you are involved in the administration of the AGS and you do not have a username and password and wish to obtain one, please contact:

Survey Helpdesk
Graduate Careers Australia
Telephone: +61 3 9605 3700
Email: [email protected]

You can also visit GradsOnline (searchable database of recent AGS results) and GradStats & GradFiles  (easy to read summary of recent survey results) on this site.


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