Employer Resource Centre

The Employer Resource Centre houses a range of useful resources to help graduate employers source and retain talented graduates. These professional resources include:

  • Graduate Opportunities – is the official annual directory of graduate employers in Australia and New Zealand. It contains excellent editorial articles offering advice to students and a comprehensively indexed guide to employers. GO is endorsed by the AVCC, AAGE and NAGCAS and is available in both printed and online format. The website is updated throughout the year and has much of the information also found in the book (Graduate Opportunities 2008 now available ). Recruitment promotional products, services and packages for Graduate Opportunities are now available. For more information please follow this link.  
  • Conducting a Graduate Recruitment program – featuring articles from The Graduate Recruitment Handbook for Australia and New Zealand
  • How Graduate Careers Australia Can Help You – where you can read about the range of products and services we have on offer to make your job easier
  • Industry Research – featuring the latest trends and developments in the graduate recruitment industry provided by leading local and overseas experts
  • Key Contacts – access to professional association the National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (NAGCAS) .

University & Beyond 2008

Please follow this link for information relating to this year's U&B survey.


University & Beyond 2007

University & Beyond is the first comprehensive study of student expectations of the workplace and addresses a range of questions including:

  • what skills and attributes students believe are important to an employer
  • what influences their career planning
  • how students find out about graduate employers
  • what university students expect to earn in their first job
  • how confident students are of obtaining employment
  • what are the most attractive benefits you can offer graduates.

The 2007 University & Beyond survey of over 32,000 university students is the largest survey conducted in Australia on the expectations and perceptions of a student demographic that is of key interest to organisations wishing to attract, recruit, and retain their leaders and employees of the future.


Graduate Outlook Survey 2007

Graduate Outlook 2007 is GCA’s report on graduate recruiters’ current practices and perceptions, and future trends in graduate recruitment in Australia and New Zealand.

This year’s survey continues the examination of intake numbers, perceptions of the calibre of candidates, and the attributes (both desirable and undesirable) seen in the current pool of applicants, from the perspective of graduate recruiters. The 2007 report also examines the recruitment of international graduates and retention patterns and strategies.





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