Media and the Arts

The large and diverse media and communications industry is central to the Australian economy. The industry covers a range of occupations and media, including: radio, television and film; print media; internet content development; advertising; public relations; speech writing; and design.

Growth in media and communications is heavily influenced by technological change and cultural or social factors. Demographic changes, government policy, new media forms and shifts in information consumption all significantly shape the sector.

The work

Graduates from many disciplines work in media and communications. The industry has long been a common destination for communications, media and arts graduates, but is increasingly attracting graduates from disciplines such as law, commerce and business. The ‘glamour factor’ attracts many, but the workload can be heavy, expectations demanding and deadlines tight. Without work experience, getting a foot in the door can be difficult. Graduates can spend a year or more volunteering or freelancing for minimal pay before breaking into full-time paid work.


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